Selling your home is a big decision, and since your home may be your largest asset, 
    you'll want to be sure to understand the process and implications, before you embark on
    this journey.   

    A sensible place to start is to challenge your motivations and your readiness for selling. 
    Some questions to consider are: 

    Why do I want to sell?  Your motivation may be that your family has outgrown your home 
    or will shortly outgrow it, or perhaps you are relcocating to a job in another area.  Perhaps 
    the family is grown and it's time to downsize. There are no "right" or "wrong" reasons, but 
    it is very important to understand your reasons for this change, as the process will be 
    ongoing, once you set the wheels in motion.   Your decision to sell will affect you and 
    your family in a variety of ways; everything from choosing a Realtor to preparing your 
    home for showings, keeping your home in order for showings, and taking time to look 
    for a new home. The time to consider all these things (and many more) is before you put 
    your home on the market!

    Is this the right time for me to sell?  This answer can be simple or complicated, and 
    often requires even further evaluation concerning  your selling motivations.  
    Your personal motivations may now be clearer, but do you know all of your options?  

    What is my timeframe for selling? You may be on a schedule or you may be able
    to accommodate a more open-ended senario.  Both of these timeframes require planning
    and an understanding of market conditions and Buyer patterns. 

   Where will I move if I do sell?  How will I manage the sale if I cannot locate a property 
   to buy?  These two questions go hand in hand and can be one of the driving forces
   in determing if you should sell and when.  

   What will the impact of the selling process be on me and my family?  Only you
   can determine this by fully exploring all of the reasons for your anticipated move and 
   the changes this will bring to your life (lives).   

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      informed decisions.  Just Ask!

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